Romano Fantacci (F’05) received the M.S. degree in electrical engineering and the Ph.D. degree in computer networks from the University of Florence, Florence, Italy. He is a Full Professor of computer networks with the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, where he heads the Wireless Networks Research Lab. He is the Founding Director with the Information Communication Technology Inc., Leonardo spa and of the Wireless Communications Research Centre (LiRS), and Telecom Italia. His current research interests encompass several fields of wireless engineering and computer communication networking including, in particular, performance evaluation and optimization of wireless networks, emerging generations of wireless standards, cognitive wireless communications and networks, satellite communications and systems. Dr. Fantacci was elected Fellow of the IEEE in 2005 for contributions to wireless communication networks. He was the recipient of several awards for his research, including the IEE Benefactor Premium, the 2002 IEEE Distinguished Contributions to Satellite Communications Award, the 2015 IEEE WTC Recognition Award, the IEEE sister society AEIT Young Research Award and the IARIA Best Paper Award, the IEEE IWCMC’16 Best Paper Award and the IEEE Globecom’16 Best Paper Award. He was an Area Editor for the IEEE TRANSACTION WIRELESS COMMUNICATION, an Associate Editor for the IEEE TRANSACTION ON COMMUNICATION, the IEEE TRANSACTION WIRELESS COMMUNICATION, Regional Editor for IET Communications and an Associate Editor for several non-IEEE TECHNICAL JOURNALS. He guest edited special issues for the IEEE Journals and Magazines and served as symposium Chair of several IEEE conferences, including VTC, WCNC, PIRMC, ICC, and Globecom. He currently serves on the Board of Governors of the IEEE sister society AEIT, as an Area Editor for the IEEE IOT JOURNAL and as member of the Steering Committee of IEEE WIRELESS COMMUNICATION LETTERS.